Bedroom Color Combinations: Ideas for a Relaxing Space

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If you want to give your bedroom a new look and feel, painting it is the way to go. With a bucket of paint or a roll of wallpaper, you can make your bedroom, or any other room in your house, look ten times better without too much effort. Plus, it’s a great way of adding a personal touch to your home! 

When painting a room in your house, you should consider two things. First, you have to determine how much paint you’ll need. You can calculate this by deciding whether you’re painting the whole room or just an accent wall, making measurements, and using an online paint calculator

Secondly, choosing a good color combination or color palette is essential. Start by selecting a color or color combinations you like and won’t get tired of quickly.  But I’ve got you covered if you’re unsure where to start! Below you’ll find a wide variety of bedroom color combinations you can choose from.

Most popular feng shui colors and their meaning

Colors are essential in feng shui because all colors are related to one of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). Each color has a positive or negative energy. This is why our choice of paint color can affect our mood, energy levels, and emotions. Below are the five most popular feng shui colors.


This color is associated with water. It helps us concentrate better and creates a sense of calm. Blue can also slow heart rate, making it a great bedroom color for those who love to meditate.


Associate with fire, this color is often associated with passion and love. In feng shui, red represents strength and energy, which is why this color can help boost our energy, confidence, and motivation.


This color is associated with the earth element. In addition to this, yellow symbolizes wisdom and joy. Not only does it provide stability, but the yellow color can make us feel more cheerful and hopeful.


This is another color associated with the element of fire. Despite being a vibrant color, purple has a relaxing effect. Purple is a great color for bedrooms, studies, and living rooms.


This color is associated with the element of metal. White improves focus and calmness, making it the best color for bedroom walls, studies, and bathrooms.

Some color combinations for your bedroom

Painting your master bedroom in just one color is a good idea. But if you want to make your bedroom walls become a statement piece, you’re better off choosing a combination of contrasting colors. Mixing different colors in interior design is not as hard as it might seem. Below you’ll find 6 good color combinations that will hopefully serve you as inspiration.

Blue and white

Blue and white bedroom

Blue and white are two colors that go well together. Choosing a darker shade of blue, such as indigo, can make your bedroom feel cozier and warmer. The best way to combine these two colors is by painting a blue accent wall and painting the remaining walls white.

Green and gray

A gray and dark green color palette will give a relaxing feel to your room. Green is one of the best bedroom colors for sleep, so this color scheme is perfect for those who want a relaxing space and wind down after a long day.

Pink and white

White goes well with any pink color palette. However, a lighter shade of pink works best for creating a relaxing environment. According to color psychology experts, this color promotes relaxation and reduces stress. So this is the color combination to choose if you want a room that looks pretty and has a relaxing feel.

Brown and cream

This brown and cream color combination will give your bedroom an elegant and relaxing feel to your room. You can combine them with a brown accent wall or by painting the bottom part of your walls brown and the top cream. You can also complete the look with furniture and bedroom decorations matching the color scheme.

Shades of gray

Neutral colors are great for a modern, elegant, and peaceful room. You can paint your bedroom in shades of gray and add a splash of white for a clean and refreshing look. This color combination is perfect for a minimalist and contemporary bedroom.

Other ways to add color to your room

Painting the walls is one of many ways to add a splash of color to your bedroom. Here are other ideas you can try instead!

  • Wall art. If your room is already painted in a solid color but feels like it’s missing something, adding a piece of wall art with matching colors is a great idea. Abstract paintings with vibrant, eye-catching colors are perfect for this.
  • Furniture. A great way to add color to any room is by adding colorful furniture pieces. Adding pieces of furniture in eye-catching colors such as pink, green, yellow, or blue is a great way to make a room feel vibrant or full of life.
  • Bedroom decor. If you paint your bedroom walls in one or two solid colors, you can add more colorful decor pieces. Some examples include bedsheets and throw pillows in matching colors, art, plants, and colorful curtains.
  • Wallpaper. Hanging wallpaper is an effortless way to add color and texture to your bedroom. The best way to do it is by placing the wallpaper on an accent wall to create some balance with the other decorations in the room. 
  • Bed sheets. Swapping out your bed sheets for a brighter, bolder color or pattern is an easy way to add some personality and color to your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns or to choose sheets in a complementary color to your walls or other decor pieces. Whether you opt for a bold, solid color or a more intricate pattern, colorful bed sheets are an affordable and practical way to breathe new life into your bedroom.

As you can see, adding color to your bedroom is a simple yet effective way of making the space feel more vibrant and full of life. Plus, it’s a great way of adding a personal touch to your room. There are countless bedroom color combinations you can choose from, but the main goal is to choose colors that you like and that go well with your overall style.

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