The ideal plants for your bedroom

The ideal plants for your bedroom

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Plants are the way to go if you want to give your bedroom a new look but don’t know much about home interior design! Greenery is an excellent addition to any space. Plants can make a room come to life with little to no effort. Moreover, Houseplants can purify and clean the air in our homes, which makes them a great addition to your bedroom.

Most interior designers say plants can help welcome positive energies into our homes. But while most plants can help improve your creativity, productivity, and overall positivity, some feng shui plants can help with wealth, love, health, and more! Keep reading to learn more about the best plants for your bedroom.

How to organize your bedroom, according to Feng Shui

Interior design is about more than just making a room look pretty. Both how things are set up and the decorations we use impact how a space looks and feels. 

For a perfect Feng Shui bedroom layout, you should follow these five tips:

  • Position your bed in the center. Place the bed frame directly against a solid wall, and place it in the center of the room. Another thing to look out for is that there are no doors or mirrors within the direct sight line of your bed.
  • Invest in a headboard. A headboard represents stability and support, which is why most experts recommend investing in a solid-frame headboard.
  • Set up two bedside tables. To ensure the room’s energy is well-balanced, you should place a bedside table or nightstand on either side of your bed.
  • Choose soothing color tones. When painting your bedroom, opt for neutral colors. Some Feng Shui bedroom colors you can use are teal, white, peach, dark blue, and gray.
  • Add some greenery. Green plants will add vibrant energy to your bedroom. Plus, they’ll make the space look well-decored with little effort. Remember the room’s lighting, humidity, and heat when choosing indoor plants for your main bedroom.

The best indoor plants for your bedroom

Indoor plants are a great addition to any room, but adding them to your bedroom is even better. Not only will you feel closer to nature, but you’ll feel a boost in your creativity, productivity, and overall energy. Here are the top ten best bedroom plants you can get.

Snake plant

Snake plant

The snake plant is one of my favorite potted plants. Its two-toned leaves will add vibrant color to your bedroom and combine with any bedroom decoration. In addition, this plant is said to encourage good chi or, in other words, good energies. 

The snake plant is easy to maintain because it belongs to the succulent family. It grows best with bright, indirect light and only needs water when the soil looks dry. It’s a really good hard-to-kill plant.


Dracaena plant

Dracaena plants can clean and purify the air. There are various varieties of dracaena to pick from, and they are all simple to care for. All dracaena species need moderate, indirect light and moist soil. Their long, strappy-looking leaves contrast nicely with most furniture and bedroom decor. I personally have one placed in my room, and I love it.


Monstera plant

Monstera is one of the most popular indoor plants used for interior design. Everyone loves them for their big, heart-shaped leaves. In Feng Shui, monstera is believed to encourage positive growth, such as wealth accumulation, prosperity, and luck. 

Monsteras does better in a plant stand. To care for them, put them somewhere where they get indirect light and remember to water them often.


Lavender plant

This fragrant plant is well-known for its stunning hues and delicious perfume. Because of its aromatherapy advantages and cleansing properties, Lavender is an excellent bedroom plant. This plant thrives best near a window and needs a few hours of daily direct sunshine. You can have Lavender in a pot or a set of planters.

Rubber plant

Rubber plant

Ficus elastica is an excellent plant to keep next to your dresser. Its shiny, curvy leaves help soften the harsh edges of your room. And its vibrant green color can add a splash of life to the space. The rubber plant requires constant watering and lots of light.

English Ivy

English Ivy

This ivy is known for purifying and cleaning the air from pollutants like formaldehyde and ammonia. So whether you drape it over your nightstand or hang it from a planter, it’ll look great in your room.

English ivy does best in moderate to bright light all year long. However, this plant appreciates humidity, so you must mist it daily. They can grow very long, and you can use them as decor to wrap around things and make your room more green and beautiful. I have one, and I try to tie it to different objects near it, and it looks gorgeous.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera bedroom plant

This succulent makes a great bedroom plant. Its spiky leaves are a great way of adding different textures to your room. Caring for aloe vera is relatively easy, as it doesn’t require frequent watering and, like other succulents, is a very low-maintenance plant. I have 3 of them in small pots spread around my room.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm bedroom plant

Palms are popular in interior design because their long, green leaves can easily fill a space and make it feel full of life. However, this type of palm is very tall, so it’s better for bedrooms with ample space. To care for your areca palm, keep it in an area with bright light and mist it often.


Pothos bedroom plant

Pothos is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. You’ll be good if you keep it dry out! Moreover, this plant purifies the air. Its shiny green leaves and long vines are great for hanging planters or draping over your dresser or shelves. 

If you want to help your pothos plant grow more quickly, you can fertilize it roughly every three months. However, be careful if you have pets because this plant is toxic for pets.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily bedroom plant

Peace lilies are great bedroom plants. Their green leaves and white flowers contrast perfectly with most decorations. Plus, they’re easy to care for. Lilies prefer moderate to bright, indirect light; you must water them once the soil is nearly dry. 

Indoor plants are a great way of making your bedroom look and feel better without a significant investment. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are countless easy-to-care plants you can choose from. Some examples include aloe vera, pothos, and the rubber plant. It’s all about choosing the plants you like best, and you would look better with your current bedroom design.

Let me know which of these bedroom plants is your favorite! 

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